You Cut My Hair

at three in the morning       let tufts of musky brown hair       hold onto what’s left

hanging         a half-made web          & I shrug and say May as well take it all    

& in late morning              or sometime after sleep                I hear you singing

over scrambled egg sizzles     high Dolly Parton twang & think I hear the words

I love you, or maybe you just say    it’s all too much this time      I take the razor

to my head          & each bump feels         like a buoyant tomato   set to ripen

in a day or two     & at the table you smooth your hand    over it while you chew

& we walk when dishes are done      our hands hang entangled            hinged

backs inlaid     with ripened levants      each thin sensation of love     a spider wisp

between us         clinging loosely     each previous promise     a perishing thing

”You Cut my hair” is a poem i wrote in 2018. it was published on honey & lime’s literary blog, oceans & time, which you can read online.