Winter Bruise

The snow brought the past,

who was ready to party; disco-dancing

through the fuzzed-out outdoor

speakers of the mall, PBR cans

and pink Pepto-Bismol vomit

splattered and scattered

in sticking streaks through

the salt-pocked snow.

Getting through this winter

is spelunking without sight

of the citrus-lit surface.

It is drunken swaying down

the parkway, spitting up

on someone else’s loveseat,

passing out on someone’s porch.

It is the quaking earth of the body,

the folding infrastructure of the bones,

preparing for the crumbling

of the world around you

like crunching snow.

“Winter Bruise” is a poem I wrote in 2019. It was published in The Conclusion Magazine, which you can read online.