Throwing Rocks at a Mountain

Jellyfish tangles of sun dance 

like a burning scar; a coyote 

wrings out the linen-like neck 

of some small, dead thing. 

I am looking into a painting 

someone claims is something 

you can see in this world 

but promised beauty isn’t without price 

and I’m checking the tags. 

I am living in the unintentional 

bomb-shelter of the body. 

I am yanking out each 

stout cactus of black tooth 

from my mouth. I am coyote-cooing 

at the moon moon with three eyes, 

bursting with buckshot. 

I am stealing time clinging 

to the steel minute hand, 

feet dangling above 

the retrose spines of strangers’ smiles. 

Draw me into something I can believe in — 

an eclipsing black tongue of truth.

”Throwing Rocks at a Mountain” is a poem that I wrote in 2019. It was published in The Fruit Tree Mag, which you can read online.