​Poètes M(ort)audit

In my dead great grandmother’s belongings,        I find a pamphlet        entitled

“Stop Worrying and Start Living.”        It is something        that my mother        would call

a warning;        something        that my father        would call      junk, or worse,        shrug

and say, If you like it, then you like it.        I like        another poet.        We walk

through parking lots        gilded with rainwater        and that dying sun.        I open my arms       

to a passing car,        to the joke of death        because of fear        and not

the thought that it is funny.        I have imagined        both love and death        as unforgiving

things        until now,        in that next morning,        in that phosphorus dawn,        a cigarette

swinging        in your lips,        smiling at me,        my arms open.

'Poètes M(ort)audit' is a poem that i wrote in 2018. It was published in awkward mermaid literary magazine, which you can read online.


The accompanying photography for this piece was shot by Audrey Gretz.