How to Kill Yourself in Kindness

Disguise yourself as a living thing,

this skin dalmatian-bruised

and galactic. I am always finding new worlds

in the depths of me, new skin and spring

fat holding this body down

in the burly brush of calmness. Surround yourself

with everything you’ve ever loved, a timeline

in photo strips and garland strung

through the lights. Say When I die,

I will be an old lady,

knees party poppers

cracking open

in a garden filled with living things.

I will plan to be surrounded

by you, all that I love,

or, I will plan for loneliness,

since the one thing I know honestly

is that no plan of Earth’s ever proceeds in your name.

“how to kill yourself in kindness” was a poem written during the thirty days of National Poetry Month, and was first posted on my Twitter page.