Dreaming in Poetry; Waking in it, Too

You keep a book face down and open on your desk

to the few pages written by you.

You perch things like this,

in your peripheral, ask me to take

a few steps to the side.

You walk to the garden

and stand in the spotlight

of the flack of sun in the fence slats.

You are always bent

with the brunt back of work,

beehive holes burnt through

the black plastic-paint of your Bic.

This body begs to be worked by you,

in the morning’s smallest

cobblestone sun-spots falling hard

on our blades of curling shoulder;

in the morning’s last moments of soft love,

before you realize again all that needs doing.

When you curl my hand

around your thumb like a pen,

kiss each fingernail

like each soft bone of this body stings.

“dreaming in poetry; waking in it, too” is a poem I wrote in 2019. It was published in Green Light Literary Journal, which you can read online.