Deleting My Number at a Red Light Just Over the PA Line 


Your heart strings feel every Spring;

hurt, swallow, expand,

hold it in.

Years have passed.

Lungs believe

every breath is a phase.

Say, Breathing is temporary;

       a yawn will do

       anything to feel alive.

You wear out your jaw.

Poke holes in the raw diaphragm

so each breath collapses.

You keep numb,

counteract love with a kiss.

Say, Someday we’re all going to die.

Say, You were everything.

      You were the strain of two muscles waiting

       and every motion in between.

If I ripped my body open,

would you find anything to keep?


'Deleting My Number at a Red Light Just Over the PA Line' is a poem I wrote in 2018. It was published in The Free LIbrary of the Internet Void, which you can view online.


The accompanying photography for this piece was shot by Audrey Gretz.