Blue Before Morning

The world is dead around us
and you are taking your time with me;
we aren’t letting time take us for a ride.
The world is finally blossoming
and we’re treating love
like a battlefield,
roaring into bed
our hearts pointed forward,

not toward the northern star;
that’s a direction

in a constellation
that I’m not tracing on wax paper
but on the re-imagined freckles

you envision on your back.
As much as I want to pack my backpack

and run away from home again
I care more about my form now,

I am not my body but my body of work
I am less concerned with leaving,

more concerned about never coming back

“blue Before Morning” was a poem written during the thirty days of National Poetry Month, and was first posted on my Twitter page.

“Blue Before Morning” was written in collaboration with John P. Maurer.