Beer, Cheese, and Serial Killers

I’ll take you out to dinner if we can pay

in lies we wanted to tell.

You say a man ate another man’s heart

just to feel like he was there with him

and I say I get it in a systemic way,

the way that implies I don’t want to eat

you, but that knows of the promise of it.

I say every good person I know is dead

or headed there and everyone who should

be dying seems eternal. I say my last lover

didn’t change his mind about marriage

when he met me and I can’t tell

if that’s romantic or not. When the tab comes,

you make change for the sake of it,

unstick each bill with a lick of your tongue.

“beer, cheese, and serial killers” is a poem I wrote in 2019. It was published in Green Light Literary Journal, which you can read online.