Poem: Fossilizing Agonizing


I cope in overload, in banal dishonesties of the body.

this umbrella-tongue greening, arguments started in brain-veins leafing

before any voice blooms aloud. This flesh is bent on pretending

that there are ways to beg your dead self back to life.

I want to gash the hip of this beast, be the blade bending barrel;

free dead eggs of stone from this crevice of womanhood cinched away,  

spill sanguine sunshine-blood to orbit this pinch of halo I have

braided into these last lemon tips of hair.

These flashing fangs between my fishnet legs are letting questions fester.  

Why can’t this body stagger? How can’t the blade turn?

“Fossilizing Agonizing” is a poem I wrote in 2019. It was first posted on Twitter as a response to a prompt on healing by Phillip B. Williams.