I carried January into my home like a fat feral cat found in the cold. January is kicking and screaming. January is wanting an endless more.

January’s Mixed Tape holds in its heart anthems that have been burned into ours (This Year by The Mountain Goats, I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers), celebrations of the dying heart still trying (Rejoice by AJJ,Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of Your Fist by Ramshackle Glory, Ashtray by Matt Pless, Allergies by Sisyfuss, Nausea by Jeff Rosenstock), and sonnets to the blood still beating on bad days (Dread in My Heart by Mother Mother, Cold Love by Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1 by The Mountain Goats).

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Interview with Thomas Whyte

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Thomas Whyte, who hosts a website entitled “Poetry Mini Interview: Very Short Interviews with Poets.” Below is the full interview, which was released in five parts over the course of December 2018. You can find the original interview on Whyte’s website.

How does a poem begin? 

A poem begins in the body. Sometimes I wake up with a whole poem in my mouth and immediately spit it out. Sometimes it’s a stuck thing, and I yank at it for hours before it finally loosens. Sometimes I have to coax it, give it time and edit after edit. Regardless of how it leaves me, it begins as a bodily urge. It’s a moment that I need to snowglobe on a page.  

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